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**This game was made for an Xbox development kit and has been brought over to PC.  It only has controller support.**

Monuments of Destiny is a explorative puzzle game.  In this demo you will travel through 2 zones seeing the mechanics of the game and what is to come later on in development.  This is the build that was displayed at PAX West 2018.


Monuments of Destiny.zip 166 MB

Development log


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This is not bad. I'm not really into the idea of rolling a ball around but I thought I'd have a play. You've got a nice landscape with several puzzles in one place and once you get used to the mechanics of rolling the ball around then it does become easier.

I was trying to collect the coins to go through the door and though i'd see if I could click on it and managed to roll through the door which, although I don't think is intentional,  it allowed me to see what was beyond and it's a nice big playing area. Do you plan to work on this further DEV.



Hello wobblefootgamer,

Thank you so much for making the video on our game.  The team watched it today and we were honored to see that someone would take the time to make the video!

As for continued deveolpment, the answer is YES!!  We have many plans for the game coming up here soon and we hope to update you all here in the next week with these plans.  This was a proof of concept made in 8 weeks for a showing at PAX and we are super excited of the response we are getting.  We have a year long plan for the game and will be making devlogs to track the process.  They will go up on YouTube as well as a post here on itch.  If there are any questions that you have feel free to post a comment and we will be glad to answer.

Thank you for your support,

Misadventure Interactive